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Embarking on a filmmaker's path, I've always believed in capturing stories that resonate. Over the years, I've been fortunate to be on quite a cinematic journey, bringing tales to life from behind the camera.

In 2024, I am embarking on an exciting and ambitious new project: an immersive audio series titled "Neon Ignition." This series, set within the dynamic and richly textured cyberpunk genre, will blend action and romance. I will be taking on the roles of both writer and director, guiding a talented team of voice actors to bring this vision to life.

In 2022, the personal and heartwarming "Nana's Footsteps" under Lionfire Productions witnessed my dual role as Director and Lead Casting Director. This labor of love not only resonated with audiences but also earned accolades, notably for Best Female Director and Best Short Film. The prior years saw my immersion in both narrative crafting and direction, as evident from projects like "Freedom TLOU" and "Walk Through The Valley TLOU" in 2020 and 2019, respectively.

Collaborative ventures have also shaped my filmmaking perspective. My association with ALGORYTHM in 2019 for "The Flash Season 2" episodes was a rewarding experience, while my roles as Writer and Director for Vyxenah Studios in 2018 allowed me to weave the tales of "Horizon Zero Dawn - Our Born Hero" and pen down "Gameover." Earlier, 2017 was a year of exploration with TAFE, where I delved into diverse projects from a vegan-themed short film to directing a unique "Cosplay Documentary." That year, I also steered the directorial helm for an unofficial advert for the Animal Welfare League with Vyxenah Studios.

I'm diving deep into the realm of cinematic storytelling with an array of exciting projects. I'm bringing the world of the "Uncharted" video games to life with a fan film. Alongside this, I'm also nurturing a few original scripts to fruition, one of which is a spine-chilling untitled horror. However, a project particularly close to my heart is the adaptation of my debut novel, "Ships Of Glass." This horror-fantasy, set against the evocative backdrop of the 1910s, is in the pipeline to be transformed into a series of impactful shorts. My vision extends to see it blossom into a full-fledged feature film.

As I look ahead, the lens is focused, and the scripts are brimming with ideas. The next few years promise a plethora of cinematic explorations, and I'm thrilled to share these unfolding stories with an audience that believes in the magic of cinema as much as I do.

ROLES: Director, Screenwriter, Photographer, Casting Director, Camera Assistant, Lighting, Set Design, Prop Maker, Script Editor


2024 - VYXENAH STUDIOS | Neon Ignition: Immersive Audio Drama | Director, Writer
2022 - LIONFIRE PRODUCTIONS | Nan's Footsteps | Director, Lead Casting Director

2020 - VYXENAH STUDIOS| Freedom TLOU | Director, Writer, Editor
2019 - VYXENAH STUDIOS | Walk Through The Valley TLOU | Director, Writer, Editor
2019 - ALGORYTHM | The Flash Season 2 Episode 1, 2 | Assistant
2018 - VS FILMS | Horizon Zero Dawn - Our Born Hero | Writer + Director
2018 - VS FILMS | Gameover | Writer
2017 - TAFE | Vegan Short Film | Casting Assistant + Line Reader
2017 - TAFE | Cosplay Documentary | Director
2017 - VS FILMS | Unofficial Animal Welfare League Advert | Director

HIGH SCHOOL | Cert II Digital Media
QAL | Cert I Digital Media
GCAC | Photography Basics
TAFE | Cert III Digital Media
TAFE | Film and TV Diploma
BOND UNIVERSITY | Screen Writing Course

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