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Hello and welcome! I'm Shykodah-Khi McGrath.

I find joy and meaning through various forms of creative expression: voice-over artistry, acting, modeling, writing, and filmmaking. My heart truly lies in the realms of film and TV; they're not just careers for me, but lifelong passions. I'm incredibly excited about where these pathways are leading, and I can't wait to share that journey with you.

To encapsulate my cinematic endeavors, I've founded 'Vyxenah Studios,' a budding film and photography company. Here, I aim to share my creative vision with a broader audience.

Outside of professional pursuits, I delve into the worlds of cosplay and gaming. You can catch a glimpse of these adventures, among others, on my YouTube channel 'Vyxenah,' where I offer a mix of vlogs, gameplay, and other engaging content.

Thank you for joining me on this exciting ride!

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